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  Joseph E. Roser

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Office: Room 280-G, Building 245
Mail: M/S 245-6, Moffett Field, CA 94035
Phone: 650 - 604 - 1735
Fax: 650 - 604- 6779
Email: jroser at seti.org

Joseph E. Roser


Dr. Joseph E. Roser is an experimental molecular physicist conducting research with the Space Science and Astrobiology Division, Astrophysics Branch, at NASA Ames Research Center. His research interests include the surface compositions of icy bodies in the outer Solar System and the condensed matter astrophysics of the interstellar medium. His graduate research focused on the formation of molecular hydrogen and carbon dioxide on analogues of interstellar dust grain surfaces using experimental surface science techniques. He is currently researching the infrared index of refraction of ices at cryogenic temperatures and the infrared spectroscopy of neutral and positively charged clusters of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Joe's major publications can be found on the Astrochemistry Laboratory's Publications Pages.

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